WE SUPERGREEN announces agreement to supply the Trento Mine project with its patented clean energy technology

August 03, 2021 10:04 ET – Source: WE Supergreen Energy Corp

WE Supergreen Energy Corp, (“WSGE”) a private company organized under the laws of the state of Nevada, with its principal offices located in Costa Mesa, CA announced today that it has agreed to supply The Inversiones Trento Spa, (“The Trento Project”), which is the second largest reserve of rare earth minerals in the world located in Copiapo, Chile, with its patented clean energy technology, and its multi megawatt battery generator systems. The Trento Project has successfully created & registered a (PPB) Private Placement Bond according to Financial Regulations 144-A in London, United Kingdom to finance secure largescale capitalization for the project. The bond, approved and registered with DTC, is in the amount of $350,000,000, of which $75,000,000 has been allocated in a capital budget reserve to finance The Trento Project’s clean energy needs. WSGE will provide up to 50 megawatts per hour of clean independent power to The Trento Project under the Phase One part of the undertaking. Further, WSGE is slated to supply to up 100 megawatts of power in total to The Trento Project’s ‘Energy Park’ whereby it has full access to the substation grid connection distribution to the city state which has substantial megawatt demand. The total WSGE contract is for approximately $300,000,000 , which equates to three million dollars per megawatt.


The team at WE SUPERGREEN is proud to bring the world’s first ever Self-Charging Renewable Energy Platform that produces clean, 100% renewable and sustainable electricity utilizing innovative and industry-disruptive technologies.

The self-charging energy platform generates power at up to an amazing 99% efficiency, which is unheard of in the renewable energy sector. This is light years beyond the current standards of 20% and 40% efficiency ratings for solar and wind turbine respectively. Our cutting-edge technology is safe, reliable, cost-effective and easily scalable to meet the global needs of today’s ever-changing energy landscape. Power solutions range from Kilowatts to GIGA-WATTS and have useful applications for both deployable energy generation at the grid level as well as into electric vehicles.

This breakthrough renewable energy solution has great potential to solve some of the world’s largest problems such as global warming and radical climate change, by quickly reducing the dependence and burning of harmful fossil fuels. The need to develop and deploy these improved green technologies that utilize self-charging renewable energy is imminent. Investing in renewable energy promises excellent returns socially, environmentally and economically

On July 30, 2021, WSGE signed a binding Letter of Intent agreement with Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. (“GTII”) www.gtii-us.com an early stage, publicly traded company (“OTCQB: GTII”) for GTII to acquire WSGE through a stock purchase arrangement once the appropriate, mutual due diligence has been completed.

Calvin Cao, CEO and Chairman of WSGE, stated, “We are very pleased to be working with Trento and are excited to be launching our first commercial platform with one of the world’s largest mines.”

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