Seeking Licensee’s Globally

  • Patented battery storage and energy production system
  • Produces 40% more energy than the battery capacity
  • No discharge limit – renewable energy continuously delivered
  • 120/220/480 (including 3 phase) VAC output
  • Operates completely off-grid (no utility connection required)

Our Technology

WE SuperGreen Energy Corp. patented proprietary technology uses the Tesdison Power Generation Unit to maximize stored electricity using a system of 12-volt batteries to constantly charge a bank of batteries while distributing a steady stream of 120/220/480 VAC output. The technology produces an increase in electricity in excess of 40 percent over the original stored power. In essence, a megawatt of stored energy is transformed into a minimum of 1.4+ megawatts of output. Multiple Tesdison units can be run in concert to generate a constant, uninterrupted supply of electricity 24 hours per day at any desired voltage.


WE SGE’s Tesdison Technology is a perfect turn-key solution to the challenge of “peak demand” electricity production and costs. Today, clean energy is being produced by Solar and Wind technology. Both of which are not dispatchable; meaning, they can only generate power when the sun shines or the wind blows. This has made Battery Backup Storage the only viable solution. The electricity must be stored for distribution to be consumed at a later time. WE SGE Tesdison technology increases the electric output from stored power by more than 40%.


  • SGE technology can be deployed at any existing battery storage facility no matter the type of batteries being used.
  • There is virtually no infrastructure development cost.
  • New revenue is created with no increase in overhead.
  • More power can be generated using less resources.
  • SGE technology is infinitely scalable to meet varying demands.